What's new?

Hanging up my virtual pen

I’m now “officially” retired. You can read the details here.

As such, I will no longer be updating these Whats new? entries.

I will, however, continue to do my Slanted Viewpoint blog, adding new articles periodically.

Apple’s March media event

On March 9, Apple held a media event that was highlighted by the final pre-release information about the Apple Watch, the unveiling of an all new ultra-thin MacBook and the addition of HBO Now to the Apple TV lineup.

In addition to my Twitter comments, posted during the event, I offer my observations and opinions in two new Slanted Viewpoint articles:

Putting it together: MacBook, USB-C and the iPad Pro


Here’s to the crazy ones: Apple Watch Edition

Apple's new hardware

From the iPhone 6 to a Retina display iMac, Apple has released a slew of new hardware this fall. For my comments on this new stuff, check out:

Apple’s hardware announcements: How odd


The last word on the iPhone 6 vs. 6 Plus decision

For related Apple-focused articles, see the full list of my recent Slanted Viewpoint columns.

The end of Macworld|iWorld

Yet another unwelcome milestone: Macworld|iWorld (originally called Macworld Expo) has bitten the dust. It will not be held in 2015, nor likely ever again. You can read my comments here: Saying goodbye to Macworld Expo.

2014: A year of milestones

It’s been an year of personal milestones, both planned and unexpected. The three big ones so far (there could yet be more; the year isn’t over) all represent significant endings:

The end of MacFixIt. After an evolution from the site I created 18 years ago to its a separate life as a part of CNET, CNET dropped the MacFixIt name last March.

My “retirement” as a Macworld | iWorld speaker. I gave a careeer-retrospective session titled Confessions of an Apple Writer at Macworld | iWorld last March. It is the last time I plan to speak at the conference. Its been a great run. And I plan to continue to attend future conferences. But I felt the time was right for me to call it a day as a speaker.

• The end of Macworld magazine. Macworld is over as a print publication (it will still continue as a website). That was not the shocking news. Rather, it was that IDG simultaneously laid off almost the entire Macworld editorial staff…a group of people that I had happily worked with for years. I had already cut back my own writing for Macworld, but still made occasional contributions. Going forward, I expect to continue to submit stuff from time to time (just posted an article today), but I am not sure for how long.

On the other hand, thanks to Apple, it’s also shaping up as a year of significant beginnings. As I wrote recently, Apple’s hardware division has been on a 2+ year break of sorts. That is now over. With the iPhone 6, the finally officially announced Apple Watch, and more to come — Apple is back on track to make big waves in the technology ocean. I will continue to closely follow these events and comment on them (here and elsewhere) when I have something (hopefully) interesting to say.

Speaking of commenting elsewhere, I am about to pass the 15,000 tweet mark! When I first joined Twitter years ago, I would have never guessed I would become such an active participant. But I have. It’s now my most popular hangout on the Internet. Stop by and say hello sometime.

Summer stuff

I delivered my “farewell” to Macworld|iWorld session last March. Although I won't be speaking at Macworld anymore, but I am still busy writing and doing podcasts.

I’m writing blog entries for Slanted Viewpoint more often — on a range of topics that extends from vacation photos with an iPhone to what my next Mac will be to my take on Apple’s WWDC last June to God.

I also continue to write for Macworld, with recent entries such as Saving your Notes from disaster and With iPhoto's demise, writing may be on the wall for iLife.

And I can still be found talking all things Apple with Chuck Joiner on MacNotables.

MacFixIt is gone

CNET has removed the MacFixIt name from its website, ending an 18 year run for the site I created back in 1996. You can read more details in my Slanted Viewpoint blog posting.

My final Macworld/iWorld session…& more

Macworld/iWorld. I will be “retiring” from Macworld/iWorld this year, giving my final session on March 27. As such, the talk will offer a look back at my career, including my time at Macworld Expo. You can read more details here.

SVMUG. I will be giving a preliminary version of the same talk at SVMUG (Silicon Valley MUG) on February 24.

Macworld articles. I wrote a couple of op-ed pieces for Macworld over the past few months. These include: The new Mac Pro: Not for the faint of wallet and Envisioning an iPad Pro.

On a related note, I continue to write the Bugs & Fixes column for Macworld, but I have cut back to doing only about one a month.

MacVoices. I continue to do podcasts with Chuck Joiner, where I expand on these Macworld articles, as well as numerous other topics.

Slanted Viewpoint. My latest entries in my Slanted Viewpoint blog cover the Mac’s 30th anniversary: The Mac at 30: The last laugh and Macintosh reviews from 1984.

MUG talks

I gave two talks at local MUGs at the end of 2013:

October 15: NCMUG (North Coast MUG), talking about "How not to lose your data" — something every user should know.

November 20: DVMUG (Diablo Valley MUG), covering the same topic.

At both sessions, I also offered my initial reactions to Apple's latest products: iPhone 5S, new iPads, iOS 7, OS X 10.9, and Mac Pro.


In addition to Bugs & Fixes, I continue to write op-ed pieces for Macworld. My most recent entry was "How much will Apple change iOS and OS X?." In it, I offered my hopes, fears and expectations as to what Apple would reveal at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) the following week.

After the WWDC Keynote, I posted a Slanted Viewpoint blog entry, "WWDC: Apple delivers the goods," where I reviewed Apple's keynote announcements and considered how well they matched up with what I had predicted.

Yesterday, I posted yet another WWDC-related item: "Apple’s not-so-secret iOS game controller strategy" — offering my take on what Apple has up its sleeve with this forth-coming peripheral support.

By the way, I attended WWDC this year. Given how hard it is to get a ticket, and how expensive tickets are, I strongly suspect this will be the last year I attend. If so, it was a great way to go out. From the Mac Pro to the redesigned iOS 7, it was a year for big announcements. And the sessions I attended were enjoyable, often surprisingly so given that I am not a "real" developer. I even managed to snag a "Stump the Experts" t-shirt! The final session, with Bill Nye, was the perfect way to send the attendees on their way. Congrats Apple!

Keeping busy

Since the start of 2013, I've been busier than usual writing articles for Macworld. You can check out the complete list here.

Meanwhile, my latest Slanted Viewpoint entry discusses "Stupid by Design."

Win at Letterpress

The latest entry in my Slanted Viewpoint blog explains how to win at Letterpress (a popular word/strategy game for iOS devices). In particular, it delves into how to play if you go second and your opponent has made a great opening move.

I'll be at SVMUG in March

I will be speaking at the SVMUG (Silicon Valley Macintosh Users Group) meeting on Monday, March 18. The topic will be the same as my recent Macworld talk: File Sharing and Syncing Unleashed.

Macworld | iWorld 2013

Another Macworld | iWorld is now in the history books. There were special events, headlined by Aston Kutcher and Josh Gad. There were the always enjoyable 5-minute RapidFire talks. There were parties. And there was my own TechTalk.

All in all, a great time and a wonderful opportunity for "face-time" with colleagues and friends who otherwise remain a virtual presence for the rest of the year.

For my overall take on the event, check out my Slanted Viewpoint blog entry.

Farewell to "User Friendly View"

The Mac Observer and I have parted ways. I wrote my final User Friendly View column on January 23rd.

Going forward, my main work will be to continue to write for the great folks at Macworld.

Top 5 Apple Stories of 2012

Continuing a tradition of the past several years, I look back at the most noteworthy events in the Apple universe during the past twelve months. It's a top 5 with two bonus items.

Gazing into Apple's future...

My last column for the Mac Observer in 2012: Apple’s Half-empty Half-full Future. I also discuss this on my most recent MacNotables podcast.

Obama wins!

Moving the political spectrum. Obama wins re-election! I've posted a post-election analysis at Slanted Viewpoint.

Macworld | iWorld

I will once again be speaking at Macworld | iWorld (January 31 - February 2, 2013). I will be giving a Tech Talk titled "File Sharing and Syncing Unleashed." The focus will be on sharing and syncing documents between iOS devices and Macs, but will cover assorted other sharing/syncing options as well.

The session is on Thursday January 31, from 2:00 to 2:45, in Room 2014. See you there!

iOS 6

Following the release of iOS 6, I've posted several articles on the updated software. On The Mac Observer, I offered a Complete Guide to What’s New in iOS 6 Settings and took a look at The Trouble with iOS 6’s Passbook App. Over at Macworld, I posted Troubleshooting iOS 6.

Additionally, I talked with Chuck Joiner about iOS 6 and iPhone 5 on a MacNotables podcast.

On a related note, I detailed my thinking on iOS 6 and the bleak future of jailbreaking in a Slanted Viewpoint blog entry.

iPhone 5

Apple held a media event this week to announce the iPhone 5 and new iPods. You can read about my initial take on the products in "The iPhone 5 and the 3 i’s: innovative, integrative and imitative" and "Apple's crazy iPod nano."

Samsung vs. Apple verdict

In my User Friendly View column this week, I explained why I strongly support the favorable ruling for Apple in the Apple vs. Samsung trial. It generated a polite but heated discussion of over 80 comments. This same topic came up in my latest MacNotables podcast with Chuck Joiner.


Last week, Chuck Joiner and I chatted about giving up my MacBook Air, the future of Apple's television and problems with Safari 6 and RSS. You can listen to the podcast here.


Welcome to the beta version of my redesigned and streamlined personal website. I've been wanting to do this project for quite some time, but kept putting it off because it seemed like too much work. Finally, with the help of the great Sandvox app, I was able to get the job done. Sandvox not only made the task speedy and manageable, but almost fun.

Encouraged by this new design, and with all the cool things Sandvox can do, I hope to update the site with new content much more often than I have in the past.

I call this a beta version because I still have several tweaks that I plan to complete over the next few weeks.

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